Zora's blanket

I have been working like the craziest of Santa's elves making a blanket for Zora's Christmas present. Whether I finish it in time is yet to be seen. Here are some pics of the process:

I made 42 daisy flowers with 12 different colors of cotton yarn. The cotton made such a sweet soft blanket.

 A basket full of posies!

 I joined the flowers together with this video How to Join Normal and Starburst Granny Squares by SimplyDaisy


Making Christmas ornaments

Making Christmas salt dough ornaments to be covered with food color paints, massive amounts of glue and glitter and the final sparkle---Sequins!
I will have to get some photos of the final ornaments. We had such a great time.

Some new Christmas Goodies at Vintage Lindy Lou's Shop

I have been so busy getting things photographed, research and written up for the shop. Definitely feel like Santa's main helper elf.

Hand Made Silver and Red Christmas Wreath made with vintage and new pieces

 Hand Made Christmas Wreath, Red Christmas Wreath, Tinsel and Glitter Wreath, Red and Silver Christmas Wreath made with vintage and new pieces

 Vintage Santa Claus Music Box

 Vintage Snowman Salt and Pepper Shakers

 Santa Bell made in Japan

All these and lots more at my Etsy shop just waiting to come to your  house for Christmas.



These are some of my Halloween displays. Hard to photograph to be able to see things.

If you look closely at the little handmade halloween hutch you will see a crystal ball, eyeballs,spiders, and vintage looking pumpkins.


I found this fun idea on Pinterest and Zora and I made it. We definitely made a mess but great fun. She had a blast. She's three. We made ours pink with lots of glitter and eyeballs. I had found just a perfect size little black cauldron at the dollar store to put it in.


Zora in the rain

Zora in the rain with her new umbrella.I hate calling it a shadowbox or a diorama but don't know what else to call it. A shrine to her cuteness?


Vintage Baby Shower

Vintage Stork Decor for a Vintage Baby Shower

Front and back

This looks good hanging with small tissue paper pom poms as clouds.
Download stork image Stork


Husky Dog!

Lots of rain this week but not all day, not long enough so that I can get out of
running with my doggie, Miss Olivia.
Miss Olivia at the lake, Seneca Lake one of the
Finger Lakes in New York State

Miss Olivia

We went to a Mennonite Farm Market (with other vendors) It was her first time going to a public place. I wasn't sure if she would be too crazy acting but she was super well behaved. So proud of her. And it was very crowded too.


More dollhouse furniture and dollhouse rooms

"Circus Room" Bunk bed bedroom

First started with basic form and shape of the furniture. bed was a soap box cut i half log ways and folded strips for strength for the posts/legs. Glued together with tacky glue and then taped with masking tape to hold together while drying. Then painted and I added a flower decal for trim.

 The wall have circus figures that I printed from the internet and glued on to the walls. There is also a little triangle banner going across a corner of the room.

I crocheted a round rug fr the floor and coverlets for the bunks

The book case is the bottom part of a jewelry box and I added a strip of cardboard for a shelf.
I used a paper punch to make blue flowers to decorate the book case. 


New stuff at Vintage Lindy Lou Etsy

Update on some new items at Vintage Lindy Lou Etsy shop

Coleman thermal picnic jug

 Poker chip carousel
Poker chip carousel

Goebel Angel - holds a candle and she revolves on a music box that plays Silent Night


The Pink Bedroom-Cardboard Dollhouse

I started making the furniture from cardboard cut from boxes that I had saved from my kitchen. I found that some cardboard boxes were thicker than others and chose the thicker ones. Milk bone dog biscuits and club cracker boxes were good. I also used small boxes for shapes like little jewelry boxes and soap boxes. You'll be amazed what you'll find once you're looking. Then I glued parts together and taped with masking tape. Next came thin layers of papier mache.

I crocheted a rug from thin cotton yarn and also crocheted blankets for all the beds.
Paint came after they were all shaped. I then added details with a bottle of plastic paint, gems to decorate and beads for handles.

Had a little tough time with the posters/legs for the bed. They kept pulling away from the cardboard after they had been glued so I decided to use something flatter. Instead of sticks I used popscicle sticks to have a wider surface to adhere.

 Closet with opening doors and a pull out drawer.
Vanity with real mirror and pull out drawer. Stool is a plastic cap decoupaged with fabric.

More rooms to come...!


Come in to my dollhouse

And now some rooms and furniture inside the dollhouse. First come into the kitchen.

Close up of interior - window, shelf above window, clock, ceiling light and wall and floor tile.

 Pictorial steps of constructing the kitchen appliances.

Finished appliances.

Table and chairs - there are 4 chairs. Chairs made from pudding cups and a very small box cut to fit height. Table made from a sewing thread spool, a cap glued on the bottom and a cardboard circle top with cut flowers from a punch cutter to decorate.

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