Hall Hall the gang's all here

News at the shop:

Hall rare brown and gold teapot

 1923 Hall Ad

 Hall Nora water pitcher
Hall mixing bowl


Cardboard dollhouse furniture and rooms

Cardboard dollhouse furniture How-To

Overall view of the inside:

Kitchen and bedrooms

Just a start, much more to come...


The Cardboard Dollhouse Begins

The Cardboard Dollhouse Begins - see the tutorial here.

You can see from the photos most of the tools that I used: scissors, utility knife, various squares, and plain old Elmer's glue                                                          

After the basic structure of the dollhouse is all glued together and papier mache add to cover the edges, I gave it an all over coat of gesso primer. I am sure any white paint would work fine also.



Coffee-matic. Percolators that is!

I have a Universal "Coffeematic" so while doing research about my percolator, I found these ads:

This is my percolator. I just love the name "Coffeematic".
Here are some other similar types of percolators
General Electric Pot Belly Perc

sunbeam coffee percolator

Vintage Presto


A day to celebrate and what is going on

A day to celebrate two years since I received the gift of life transplant. Thank yous go out in many different directions...xoxoxo

And now what has been going on...
Page from the art journal from Misty Mawn's workshop
Another page

Miss Olivia enjoying the snow storm

Miss Olivia lounging around

My daughter when she was little at Easter
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